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Network of Everything– By West Consulting, LLC (January 2015)

What can you connect to your phone or mobile device? Your refrigerator, TVs, cameras, lights, water, security, money, and more can be managed through your phone or other mobile device. Every physical device that is connected to your home or business network can possibly be managed by an app on your device.

We are seeing the age of “Internet of Things”. This January 2015 at the Consumer Electronic Show you could find many vendors showing off their new products with the option to remotely manage them with apps. Your Internet service providers are teaming up with security vendors offering total home security and automation solutions promoting “Smart House – Safe Home” environment. For the unusual device; Minn Kota has an i-Pilot wireless GPS trolling system. Although their remotes are special made the next step could be an app as long as your phone has GPS capabilities. All of these are very handy.

One major concern is the protection of your connected devices and accounts. With hackers creating programs like Crypto Locker that holds your PC files for ransom, there is concern about your connected devices being broken into and someone else controlling your safe environment. As in anything that we own or take care of, consumers must be aware of and responsible for strong passwords, that you change regularly, encrypting your Wi-Fi and network, all of which will keep out most people. Be vigilant in your awareness of your network, take precautions to keep your devices and accounts safe. Come see us at West Consulting for help!

IT (Information Technology) in Rural America – By West Consulting, LLC (November 2013)

Carlsbad, NM sits in a rural area busy with mining, oil and gas exploration, and farming. IT is a living breathing part of the area. IT makes sure your information is available on your device in your hand, your PC (which is dying out) and your online account.

West Consulting services your area with IT support staff. We have taken corporate IT out to the small business and consumer. Our staff is experienced in many areas of IT. We love to work on IT products because to us it is playing with new toys every day.

So if you find yourself needing someone to help recover your lost documents from the latest virus attack, call on us to test our skills. If you’re not sure what to do because you can’t get into your information just give us a call, we know there is always a way.

We are glad to show you some new IT toys that we are playing with. Some of our customers say we are as handy as a pocket on a shirt!

Tech Musing - By West Consulting, LLC (June 2012)

The pendulum swings for IT!

Many years ago in the early information age, all our data was stored on main frames that you accessed through terminals, then along came the personal computer (PC). The PC allowed everyone to have their data stored only on their computer and you could access it fast, relatively speaking. The need to share files kept the main frames around which eventually evolved into servers with mass storage. What is changing is how we get to, store, and share our data.

In the PC world we ran risks of losing data, having it stolen, and not getting it in the right format to share. Some PCs had completely different ways to save their data which could not be moved from one system to another. Backing up the data became cumbersome and often did not work when you tried to retrieve it. Virus plagued the systems, causing crashes where data was stolen or lost completely. There was always the neighborhood geek who could help get back some of your data, but sometimes the geek was the cause of the loss in the first place.

Our way of accessing our data is moving platforms. We are a mobile society that needs access to collaborative files, emails, daily transactions with banking, orders, and so on. We communicate with a tablet or smart phone, each device with its own applications that allow us to get to our data. Today we are swinging back to centralized storage in a fashion. The cloud uses technology that stores your data around the world in data centers that replicate to each other. So backups are not a worry, accessibility is relatively easy; virus protection and security is handled on the cloud. So we will see what tomorrow brings.

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