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Customer Responsibility

We recognize that our customers are why we are here and dedicate our time to protecting their information. Customer Service is at the heart of what we hope to always reflect to all who come to our business. We know this is not something that is easily conveyed, we take it very serious to give our customers respect. Customer service is all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of the customer. The expectations may be different for each customer- but the principle is the same. Customers should expect and see in those assisting them, an extremely helpful- positive and informative attitude.

Information Technology is the whole process of how information is stored and shared. Making sure that our customers can use their equipment as a tool for their business is our goal. The customer is the one who knows what they want. We will do our best to understand and implement what the customer wants.

Environment of Responsibility

We are dedicated to participate in the recycling programs for e-waste. We make an effort to make sure our failed parts are not sent to landfills. To do this we take advantage of the electronic recycling through the Goodwill Center in Roswell, NM. They currently participate in the Dell Recycling Program. As a precaution all hard drives are removed. The data is destroyed on the working hard drives. Then the drives are sent to a disk drive shredding facility.

We also encourage and participate in the recycling programs with Brother and HP for their printer cartridges, drive belts, fuzer returns, etc.


We give back to our community. We donate to those that need our time and refurbished equipment.

Repurposing old equipment

With the permission of the company that is upgrading their equipment, we will clean up the old computer equipment and repair any hardware that we may have parts for and prepare the equipment for use at some of our non-profit organizations in the area. Our time to setup these for the non-profits is always donated. It is our way of paying forward to those who are working hard to help our community.

New Equipment at cost

On a few occasions we have had the opportunity to help non-profits to purchase new equipment. We have assisted in securing grants for electronic equipment by confirming that we will facilitate the purchase and complete the install as a matching investment for the grant. Our promise to our community is that we will not charge to help those that are doing a service for the community.