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Managed Services

"Managed IT Services" is a proactive approach to responsible IT service for your company. It is an alternative to the break/fix or emergency on demand service where you pay for only the work completed. Our service helps you to focus on your business while we take care of your IT needs.

The compass represents direction, in respect to this service of Managed IT which allows for a planned approach to improve operations and to help cut expenses in the long run. We will help you look at the overview of your computer needs and help you to plan for future needs and implementation.

Our managed service can be for a one time project or you can select to have us help you on a recurring basis. Our terms are very straight forward and we do our best to give you valuable service for your hard earned dollars.

Don't try to carry the burden alone. We will work as a team to support your business with the right fit for your computer, network, or IT needs. Contact us today to get started with Managed IT Services from West Consulting, LLC.

Disaster Recovery

  • Data Loss

    It is not if, but when it occurs!

    Data loss can come from anywhere; natural, malicious, inside the company, outside the company. So ask yourself, "What is my acceptable loss?" Is it an hour's worth of work, a day, or a week? Or maybe it doesn't matter. Stop to consider: Am I making a backup?; Where are they stored?; Are they current?; Have I tested them to see if they actually work? All of this matters.

    Let us help you know the answers to these questions.

  • Network Solutions

    How much business will I lose if I have lost connection to the Internet?

    Today we have a major dependance on Internet Service Providers. Currently in the Carlsbad, New Mexico area there are three main service providers for communications. TDS Telecom, PVT, Windstream. There are others as well for the outlying areas beyond the physical cable plant, such as Hughes Net, Verizon, AT&T, Plateau Telecom, and Viasat/Exede.

    We as a company maintain a working relationship with the local service providers and can help facilitate your connection or help with redundant connections for your critical service.

    Your network on the inside is very important as well. Knowing what is connected, where your data drops are on a map and matched with a patch panel, as well as connections through the switch to the router. Having documentation on your network can save you you a headache down the road, and give you the information you need to maintain your integrity of your network.

  • Computer Repair
    We have combined experience of 35 years in repairing computers. Our technicians will listen to you, it is important to know what you see happening on the computer so we can fix what you need fixed.

    Computer equipment and components can fail, let us help you recover by diagnosing the hardware that is failing. Memory, power supplies, hard drives, network cards, and other components can be a problem and create down time for you and your staff. We can diagnose the problem and help you to determine the best way to get your system back and operational in a reasonable amount of time.

    Cloud Solutions

  • With so many options available, which do you choose?

    Cloud Solutions can be very beneficial to a mobile workforce. From Google, Microsoft, to customized customer resource management (CRM). There are many options available. We can help you "weed" through the pros and cons of many of these services.

    Data Security

  • Data security is vital to keep your customers information secure, as well as your company's own intellectual property safe.

    How do you identify your data and determine the best way to keep it safe? We can help you to "pinpoint" the most crucial data and help you to determine the options available to keep your data safe.

    Web Hosting Providers

  • There are many hosting providers, the question we get asked most is "Who do you use?"

    We use a company out of Bryan, TX known as GKG. They have been trustworthy and honest with us from the beginning. That is one of our key aspects we look for in a company that we like to use. If you wish to check them out here is our affiliate link GKG Please let us know if we can help you with setting up your domian and webpage.